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ChapterTotal Amount CollectedTotal Amount DonatedBalance

Donation DetailsDateReferenced ByTotal Amount
Charity10: Donation for Rebuild Bengal 27-05-2020Angan Sen41,000
Charity9: Donation for Covid-1911-04-20205GR Bangalore59,440
Charity8: Donation for North Karnataka Flood21-08-2019Srinivas M25,000
Charity7: Donation of Wheelchairs and Bed at Shankara Cancer Foundation22-12-2018Srinivas M62,260
Donation for 1st charity of Pune Chapter2-12-2018Ln Agrawal3,509
Charity6: Donation for Kerala Flood25-08-2018Tinu and Meghna42,844
Charity5: Donation for Sagnik treatment27-03-2018Vivek Saxena37,000
Charity4: Donation for Solar Heater at Srinidhi Charitable Trust17-12-2017Sudha65,000
Charity3: Donation for Racer Sebastian20-07-2017Shams10,000
Charity2: Donation for Hope foundation30-04-2017Anish Singh17,865
Charity1: Donation for Vishal operation23-09-2016Ramachandra5,000

Donation DetailsDateReferenced ByTotal Amount
Charity3: Maharashtra Covid Fund6-04-2020Laxmikant12,000
Charity2: Donation for CRPF family28-02-2019Laxmikant10,000
Charity1: Donation for Cancer Hospital2-12-2018Laxmikant10,114
Donation for Kerala Flood charity of Bangalore Chapter25-08-2018Laxmikant3,500