Medal of Honour

Hell0 Free Soul,


As a club we love to appreciate the contribution of every single rider in our ever growing community. We just love creating memories and milestones in every single ride with you guys, and in order to make these moments special, we try to recognise these moments and achievements in the best way possible.


Here are some recognitions we could come up with:


Active Rider (5 rides)

This is the entry level badge, where we appreciate all riders who have participated in more than 5 rides with the club.
This is the first level we identify our rider as regular. Riders crossing this milestone will receive a surprise goodie from the club as well.


Backdoor Rider (10 rides)

This is the next level of badge, for riders crossing more than 10 rides with club. This name in based in tribute to the cult age of motorcycling, where bikers where usually seen as outlaws, and they always had a fellow looking over at the backdoor to bail out in case of a raid. This is level 2 for our fellowship.


 Highway Comrade (15 rides)

Next level, of recognition is once the rider crosses the 15 rides landmark and we go ahead and recognise him with this title. Since we share the best of our memories on the highways, a Comrade of the highways is the best name we could come up with. This is another milestone, where we have a surprise goodie for the rider.


Legion Bandit (20 rides)

A known face with over 20 appearances in the club is truly a rebel at heart, and bandit by soul. Usually riders with such experience in the club are on the stepping stones of picking up Leadership positions in the clan, and hence the name Legion Bandit.


Bad to the Bone (25 rides)

This another Cult reference of retro motorcycling era, and a small reminder of  the Terminator riding the Harley, when the song plays in the background. A rider who’s made over 25 appearances in the club is indeed Bad to the Bone about Motorcycling and earns a badge for the same. Surprise goodie moment again.


Fellow of the Cohort (30 rides)

Riding with the club for over 30 events is a sure shot promise that we now share an everlasting brotherhood in the cohort. And this one is the true fellow of the troop. Hence, we name him/her the Fellow of the Cohort.



Crew Cognate (35 rides)

Folks in a cognate share a common connection and share a common language. At 5GR, that language is motorcycling. A Crew Cognate is a special feat in the club and is awarded to riders crossing 35 rides with the club. A special connection with the crew after 35 rides is quite definite.


Sarge At Arms (40 rides)

A rider with over 40 rides with the club, is most likely one who has already imbibed one of the leading positions in the club, the Sarge at Arms is the most reputed Badge in the club, and the most influential one as well. It is quite evident that a rider with such a record is definitely amongst the key members of the club and shares a brotherhood as strong as blood with the gang. The club feels honoured and humbled to award this title to any rider who makes it to this feat. Another surprise goodie goes without saying.



Club Miles

Apart from the recognitions based on number of rides, we also try recognize riders based on the cumulative miles they’ve ridden with the club. Yes, we do keep a track of every ride and the number of miles you cover with us, and mentioned below are the landmarks mentioning the same.

Saddle Sore (600 Kms)

This is another landmark badge which is presented to our riders displaying remarkable endurance on the roads. It is awarded to riders who are able to clock more than 600 kilometers with the club. Any ride above 500kms is always a true test for a rider’s grit and patience. Saddle sore badge is our little contribution for appreciating this love for motorcycling.


3000 Miles

 As the badge name suggests, the badge is awarded to riders who have accumulated more than 3000 miles(~4800kms) with the club.



5000 Miles

 Another landmark for for celebrating 5000 miles (~8000kms) with the club.



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