Sreekumar is easy going rider. He is from Kerala and work as Process Lead in Capgemini Bangalore. He is been riding since his college days, but that was all some short trips. He is riding with the club from past 6 months. Apart from being passionate rider, he is more into photography.

He has taken 3 rides so far and has broken his own personal record of riding highest miles with club riding 650+ kms in a day. We asked him about his memorable ride with club, he says

“I am really delighted to be a part of this group. I recorded my longest ride in a day, that is 650 km to Rameshwaram part of the freedom ride. It was really a challenging trip for me as it was raining heavily and the time spent on road was more than previous rides. The amazing part is, when I  woke up in the morning I know that the only thing I am going to do is riding for the next few was really wonderful..Also this trip helped me to understand more about my fellow riders.This trip was the longest trip so far as I covered 1600+Km in 4 days. I feel this is the best trip I ride till now with the club.”

“My riding companion is Yamaha FZ.  I like it very much for the comfort I am getting when I ride this small beast. So far he didn’t give me any troubles during long Rides, So I really thank him for that. When I ride I feel like..I don’t know how to explain, it is something only you can feel…when we were riding through the villages in  Tamil Nadu to Pondicherry, On the way when the kids see us they all wave their hands and some kids were jumping also..It is something really great when you see their smile  and you realize that you are making them happy even for a minute..And it makes me happy also…Because I also had a childhood when I felt joy when I see a rider. I am not excited about the destination where I am going but always excited about how am I going”

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