Vegetarian Bangalore Eatup

(Terms and Conditions)

WhatsApp Rules and Regulations:

  1. Please don’t send any forwarded messages that are irrelevant to the group like Good morning, Good night or long message that hardly anyone read.
  2. Please don’t get into any topic related to religion, politics, sex, language or anything that can hurt someone’s beliefs and sentiments.
  3. Please don’t harass or send direct message to any of the members unless you know them (Please report to admin if anyone do that)
  4. Please don’t spam with bulk messages that is irrelevant to the club and its members. Sharing information related to food is always entertained and accepted.
  5. If you leave the club WhatsApp group for any reason, you will never be added again in future.


Disclaimer: if you have any concern regarding the terms and condition, write us at vegetariansbangalore@gmail.comĀ  before registration. We will be happy to help you.

if you agree the above terms and conditions, please click below to register.