Ride to Vani Vilas Dam (04-Nov-2017)

Hello Free Soul,

Greetings from The 5th Gear Riders club. I hope everyone is doing great. Let us ride to Vani Vilas Dam on upcoming weekend on 4th November 2017 (Saturday).


1. Charity Contribution: This is charity ride. So everyone has to contribute some amount for charity. In future, if any needful person come across we can help them with this collected money.

2. Club Fees: For new riders/pillion, 100rs for first ride, and for existing riders/pillion 50rs.

3. Trip Expense: Will be shared across among all riders/pillions.

Breakfast/lunch: On the way

Draft Plan:

  • It is one day trip, so start early from Kaga Chicken Center, Yesvanthpur, Bangalore sharp at 5:30 AM.
  • Spend quality time in the dam.
  • By 12:00 PM, start heading back.
  • Have lunch on the highway and head to Bangalore.
  • Reach Bangalore by 5:00 PM.

Place to Explore:

  • Vani Vilas Dam

NOTE: Please refrain to join, if you are willing to leave the group and explore some other place.

Mode of Transportation: Motor Bike, minimum 150cc

Distance from Bangalore(Kaga Center): 170 kms (approx)

Safety Measures and Tools by Club:

  • 2 Btwin light for all riders.

Please Note: If anyone misplace the tool provided by the club, one need to bear the actual cost.

Riding Rules:

1) Wear proper riding gears like full face Helmet, gloves, jackets etc.

2) Please carry all documents of your bikes

3) Please carry medical kit for your own safety(Mandatory). You can contact us, we can get you appolo medical kit.


1) We are looking for passionate riders not racers. We are not in hurry to reach our destination. It is good to be called as Mr/Miss late rather than Late Mr/Miss. So average speed to maintain is 80-90.

2) Make sure, your bike is serviced properly and is capable to ride 400+kms in 1 day.

3) Please comment what bike you own and in case if you need a pillion.

4) Club fees as applicable, You just need to drop a mail and agree to Terms and Condition to confirm.

5) Registration will be closed once 20 bikes register. Say yes only if you are ready to ride(i.e. your trip is confirmed), no last moment cancellation. This will lead to ban from the Group.

6) If you are early bird, please resist to join in. Start together and end together.

7) By marking RSV to yes, you accept all the terms and conditions of the group. You accept, The 5th Gear Riders club or it’s organizer is not responsible if anything happens to your health, bike and luggage . You are sole responsible for your health, luggage, bike and your whereabouts.


For more details and Any query:

LN Agrawal (9019422763 | info@5thgearriders.com)

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