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(Terms and Conditions)

WhatsApp Rules and Regulations:

  1. Refrain from forwarding irrelevant blogposts, videos, self promotion blogs and good morning / good night gifs.
  2. Don’t get into any topic related to religion, politics, sex, language or anything that can hurt someone’s beliefs and sentiments.
  3. Don’t harass or send direct message to any of the members unless you know them (Please report to admin if anyone do that)
  4. Don’t spam with bulk/spam messages (anything which is not related to travel) that is irrelevant to the club and its members.
  5. If you are sharing some videos/pics related to traveling, please give proper description so that it will be helpful for others as well. If you can’t describe it, please resist to share.
  6. Sharing any sensitive information regarding the politics, helpline numbers, missing cases, blood need etc. We appreciate your intent to help, but please do cross check before sending it in the group, most of the time these things are already solved or shutdown.
  7. Discussion regarding bike, gears, traveling is always entertained and accepted.
  8. If you leave the club WhatsApp group without intimating the admin, you will never be added again in the future.
  9. Keep your conversations relevant to motorcycling and road trips.
  10. Admins reserve the right to broadcast most of the messages in the group, and also encourage relevant queries on the same.
  11. Any doubts before sharing the post, please feel free to have a check with the Admins.

We all unite for the love of traveling, let us keep that alive by talking about those things rather than forwarding unwanted messages which may be irrelevant to others.

Club Fees (Pay during the ride) : Rs. 150

Please note: Club fees may varry depending upon the destination.

Charity Donation

We ride for charity. So, it will be really helpful if you can contribute to our cause and donate some amount for charity (Not mandatory). In future, if any needful person come across we can help them with this collected money. Please click here for past charity achievements.


Disclaimer: If you have any concern regarding the terms and condition, write us at before registration. We will be happy to help you.

If you agree the above terms and conditions, please click below to register.